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Hardie has earned his CAE designation from IAAO which is the most coveted and difficult designation to acquire in the assessment business.

Dewayne has countless hours of experience as an expert witness both in the courtroom and in front of Boards of Equalization. He is an experienced commercial property appraiser and holds a Certified General Appraisal license in Arkansas.

Page was the Deputy Director of the Assessment Coordination Department of Arkansas (ACD) for over four years. During that time, he implemented ratio study procedures by employing SPSS software using IAAO standards. He wrote the CAMA standards for the state of Arkansas and he began a comprehensive overhaul of the field audit procedures. This experience has proven helpful for clients in understanding the procedures of property tax regulatory agencies.

Company History

The Total Assessment Solutions Corporation was formed in 2010 when the Mack-Reynolds Appraisal Company and Arkansas Mass Appraisal Group merged. It is now the largest reappraisal company in Arkansas with thirty-three reappraisal clients. Prior to becoming a part of TASC, the Mack-Reynolds Appraisal Company was one of the oldest and largest Mass Appraisal Companies in the State of Arkansas, established in 1987 and the Arkansas Mass Appraisal Group was providing high quality mass appraisal services since the year 2000. In the future, TASC will continue to provide high quality mass appraisal services to our many clients around the state of Arkansas and beyond.

The Services We Provide

Real Property Reappraisal Contractor

For nearly thirty years our team has been providing reappraisal services to many of the counties in Arkansas. TASC can provide turn key projects including collecting data in the field, entering data into the client's database - using any computer assisted mass appraisal system preferred by the client, analyzing sales, estimating appraised market value of properties, and handling informal and formal appeals of appraised values. We will tailor our services to the client's needs whether they need one, two, or ALL of these services. TASC currently provides real property reappraisal services for several jurisdictions in Arkansas and Oklahoma, and can tailor our services to the special needs of your jurisdiction.
Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property

TASC has a professional staff with experience throughout the United States valuing business personal property - especially high end industrial equipment. TASC currently serves the business personal property needs of clients in several states.
Business Personal Property

Oil and Gas Discovery and Valuation

TASC also serves the oil and gas well equipment needs of clients in several states. Jerry Wisdom brings to the team years of on the ground experience in all phases of oil and gas property assessment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and team up with our GIS specialists for discovery and mapping of energy assets. These efforts, combined with research and data sources, provide solid valuation results. Our Oil and Gas services include royalty assessments, auditing, and expert witness testimony in defense of values.
Business Personal Property


Hardie Reynolds is also certified to teach IAAO classes. This service is provided not only to our own employees, but to anyone who wishes to attend. Several of our managers have been approved by the Assessment Coordination Department of Arkansas (ACD) to teach the prerequisite courses for IAAO classes. Additionally, we provide several workshops approved by ACD for continuing education as mandated in Arkansas to maintain a certification level of 3 or above. Many of our workshops cover material essential to the assessment administration and appraisal process that are not provided by state agencies or IAAO.

For information on our GIS services, please visit our GIS page.
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